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Shared From Tsilavina Ralaindimby  Signé Ranarivony


Sadly I came across this article about Madagascar and Christianity: Thousands Witness Healings, Miracles at Madagascar Festival

And my thoughts were: “Do you still refer to Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) when talking about France’s current state of spirituality? Madagascar, like any other country has its own martyrs and/or Saints. You also forgot to mention that in every (small) town in Madagascar, there is at least a Catholic Church and a Protestant one. It is also a quite “religious” country of its own kind. Sambava is by no means a big city: any event would be a welcoming change of pace, especially if competing against political figures of a regime that caused most of Madagascar’s present misery. That being said, I do not discuss miracles, it is a matter of faith; and Madagascar is in need of many of them in many areas”.

Des miracles? Madagascar en a tellement besoin, et pour cause! Mais comparer la foule de ces missionnaires Evangélistes à celle qui a accueilli le Premier Ministre de Rajoelina! Thousands Witness Healings, Miracles at Madagascar Festival.

Il est triste de voir que l’on profite facilement de la misère des Malgaches pour proclamer une victoire facile. Et de la à généraliser -même en insinuation, et par analogie – qu’une majorité de Malgaches sentent le besoin d’être évangélisés, c’est pitoyable. Madagascar a besoin de prières, oui, de miracles, oui. Et les prières ne s’achètent pas…même sous forme de donations…Une cruisade? Dans quel sens?

What do you think? Votre opinion?

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