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Welcome to Dago News Reader, Madagascar News under a dual perspective. This is your bilingual, synthesized source of information on Madagascar  realities: current issues and perspectives from the outside in. We believe that changes can be brought up by you, the Reader, through communication to your neighbor, in bringing the News to the grassroots in Madagascar, and in reaching out to  the World. Dago News Reader strives to present the facts from an outsider, analytic viewpoint along with the outlook of Malagasy local realities and human subjectivity.

Bienvenue à Dago News Reader, un portail d’ information et d’analyse impartiales sur Madagascar. Nous sommes convaincus que le vrai changement peut arriver grâce à une information objective, une analyse honnête, et le transfert de connaissances éducatives aux futures et présentes générations de leaders à Madagascar, qu’ ils soient au pays ou expatriés. La force et la clef du changement se trouvent dans l’ information, l’ouverture d’esprit, et la reconnaissance de ses propres failles. L’incontournable reste la dureté quasi-insurmontable de la vie de tous les jours, la philosophie Malgache, l’évolution de mentalité qui résulte  de la globalisation.

We welcome your comments. Thank you for visiting Dago News Reader.

Merci de participer à une transformation positive.

  1. It seems that I am not able to comment on your latest post “Occupy Wall Street: Is Madagascar the inspiration?”. So, I will comment here.
    When people are frustrated politically/economically, they usually protest against the current government and need a change. Unfortunately, the change those protesters want doesn’t come into reality after the collapse of the government they protest against and a new government is established (just look at Madagascar’s political history since 1972 to convince yourself). As one of my relative used to tell me “If the political party MFM of Manandafy Rakotonirina were in power today according to its ideology, Madagascar would have been a developed nation the next day” (of course, he/she was kidding). Be careful what you wish for.
    Those “Occupy Wall Street” protesters who label themselves as the 99% are primarily frustrated about the bad economy (no jobs, low income,…) , corporate greed, and “Wall Street behavior” after the financial crisis in 2008 because “Wall Street folks” control the government through lobbying, campaign contributions. The truth is that everyone is responsible for the bad economy because the majority of family overspent by buying things they can’t afford (house, new car, clothes, education, vacation) and the financial institutions approved loans to many unqualified people (low credit scores) for profit.
    I wrote on my blog how people often put their trust in someone/people/government that eventually lead them to disappointment.

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    • It was the browser of the desktop I used that couldn’t display the comment window.

      • Sorry about that. In any event, your comment is interesting. Of course, we all know that ” Occupy 13 Mai”” turned out to be a disappointment 20 years later…to some extent.

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