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Big Deal in Madagascar: New Rules on Communication Turn Back the Clock – Mad ComExit!

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Brexit in Europe – ComExit in Madagascar: The very controversial and highly contested revised rules on Communication have  voted by the National Assembly on July 7th, under overwhelming (?) majority: 80 for, one (o1) against!!! It is now passed unto the Senate for adoption.  What a vote! Mad ComExit?!

The now past project on the revision of the Code de la Communication – New Rules on Communication –  has been causing big waves in Madagascar. In sum, the new law would be anti-Constitutional, infringing articles 11 & 12 pertaining to Freedom of Communication and Information.

This is a Big Deal says Jeannot Ramambazafy, a long-time journalist in Madagascar: “We are back to Tsiranana’s time…People of Madagascar, understand that this is not only about journalists, it’s about the 23 million people of Madagascar. This is about enforcing what is applied under the UN…The US had 44 Presidents and haven’t changed that rule…Under that change, it means that you, people of the Coast, and who are not in the Capital (meaning by that – who have less access to Foreign media- ) will not be able to listen to anything but two news stations.. Under Ratsiraka regime, Latimer Rangers could not report on realities for eleven years…This means we are back to that…” .

Nothing worked: all efforts made by journalists to “correct” unacceptable changes on freedom of communication have been falling on deaf ears. Unfortunately, this is not unusual.

Ah! Why would/did the national Assembly vote for such a thing? Would it be because the now new law will sanction any “diffamation” against a public authority by fines of up to 28 500 euros and five years of jail time? 

The truth is that many people of the street do not quite understand the meaning of freedom of Communication. Or just like some Brits didn’t quite grasp the meaning of the E.U , some Malagasies can’t define Communication (street survey here)

Maybe this is like Brexit – In Madagascar, ComExit will have huge consequences, such as the current calling for the resignation of the President of the country, Hery Rajaonarimampianina. Recently, there were also complaints about the “unreasonable decisions” (caprices) of the First Lady, as well as about rising crimes, permanent instability, and safety concerns.  Unfortunately the consequences of this ruling on Communication are not unforeseen by many. A real Mad ComExit….

Update: 07/11/16 – It appears that revision of the Code of Communication could be underway following the noise made around the issue.

Hé oui, c’est fou! Et l’on fait marche arrière…depuis des années maintenant.

Comme on dit, un pas en avant et deux pas en arrière: c’est le rythme de l’avancement a Madagascar ou les crimes sont à la hausse, comme le coût de la vie, et ou l’instabilité est devenue permanente, insécurité constante.

Les évenements les plus récents remontent du 26 Juin: “acte de terrorisme” selon le Président de a République en condamnant les explosions à Mahamasina. Caprices et actes de déstabilisation disent d’autres en parlant du voyage de fin d’année de la Première Dame qui a perturbé l’économie d’Air Madagascar. Indécence notent certains en décrivant la robe de la femme du Président lors du 26 Juin, évaluée a plus de US$ 7,000. 

Stop! “Inconstitutionnel!” crient les journalistes à propos de la loi sur le Code de la Communication. Communication? Pas trop sur de ce que cela signifie dit l’homme de la rue. Bien sur, renchérit-il, il faut punir les infamies, les fausses rumeurs sur Facebook…

Ceci est fou! Les Brits on fait le Brexit sans penser aux conséquences globales. Madagascar a voté 80 contre un (01) pour un Code la Communication qui rebrousse chemin…Mad ComExit!

(Prenez le temps de cliquer sur les références plus haut, sur la version Anglaise)


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