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Didier Ratsiraka: Lobbying and Fundraising for his Comeback

In French, Human Rights, Politics, Society on November 8, 2011 at 11:56 pm

Surprise? No surprise? According to Madagascar Tribune Didier Ratsiraka is lobbying immigrants in Madagascar for a 75-year birthday present of one million dollars that would be used for him to attend a crisis resolution summit in the capital of Madagascar. Didier Ratsiraka is equal to himself: so predictable  yet unpredictable, bold and daring, resourceful, charismatic, and definitely never lacking assurance. Ratsiraka’s personal calls were placed from France where he lives, as he addressed to the Indian and French descent communities of both his hometown of Tamatave  (Toamasina) and  the capital city Tana (Antananarivo). If this fails, Ratsiraka would ask the international community to support his cause before November 17, which would be the projected date of the summit, says the same source. And as a last resort, he would invest two millions dollars out of his own pocket to fund the summit in Antananarivo, according to l ‘ Express de Madagascar. Midi Madagascar notes that Ratsiraka was citing the example of Obama’s  campaign source: small donors and partisans.

Ratsiraka is famous in Madagascar for exhibiting  his mixture of arrogance, superbness, and charisma that kept him in power for over two decades. So, it does not come as a surprise that the man who had proudly displayed similar characteristics to Gadaffi’s and Saddam Hussein’s fame and strengths is now taking inspiration from the American presidential star candidate of four years ago. Ratsiraka has always being a fine strategist: he knows how to reach out to his audience, to make an entry, or to prove a point. After all, he is the Red Admiral.

  1. Since Ratsiraka displayed similar characteristics to Gadaffi’s and Saddam Hussein’s fame and strengths and both (Gaddafi and Saddam) of them are gone, isn’t it time for Ratsiraka to go, too? Unfortunately, Bemolanga isn’t as attractive as Libya and Iraq for oil. That’s why, Madagascar isn’t important for the West. Please check out the twitter conversation between a former PCV (Peace Corps Volunteer) in Madagascar and the US Embassy Madagascar at
    If he (Ratsiraka) is willing to spend $1 million as a birthday present and $2 million out of his pocket (as stated above “invest”), then I’m pretty sure that he will take that back from the Malagasy government if he is elected back to the office. And we (Malagasy people) end up paying for it (if we ever can repay it). There is NO “free lunch”.

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