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Madagascar: Eternal Vicious Circle…”calm reigns” as usual

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International news are flowing about Madagascar coup attempt at the eve of the referendum: Malagasies are unaware of any abnormality.

This is the eternal “communication struggle” or “war of communiques”, as said by strategy communication expert cited by Reuters, that empowers Madagascar leaders.

According to the French Le Monde newspaper, it is a handful of military opponents who used to support Rajoelina himself who are rebelling against him. Local newspaper however have published that previous Madagascar leaders have called for some kind of military intervention. Raymond Ranjeva, a previous member of the International Court of Justice and well-known institutional figure, has voiced against “arrests”” and actions infringing “constitutional, political, public and human rights.

According to the Christian Science Monitor, Western diplomats think that ” any election, even if flawed, offers a chance to end the political crisis that keeps the country poor. ”

It is fair to say that tired of instability, economic poverty, and demagogy, Malagasies are longing for peace and fair elections. Controversies are not about elections but rather about the revision of the Constitution that evidently is being made to support the forthcoming 2011 presidential election. This plebiscite about the revision of the Constitution, analyzes The Guardian, supports lowering the presidential candidate eligibility age from 40 to 35 and eliminating any candidate who has not lived in Madagascar six months prior to election. It is common knowledge that Rajoelina who seeks presidency is only 36 years old and that his major opponents all live overseas in voluntary or forced exile. Under the revised Constitution, the High Authority of Transition‘s (HAT)  tenure will continue indefinitely.

Madagascar Tribune specifies that the situation remains undisturbed in general.

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