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Increasing Pressure on Rajoelina

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Update: February 18, 2010

Madagascar has been under political deadlock for several months now, with the inevitable, ensuing desastrous socio-economic consequences. While Rajoelina, the HAT leader, is still rounding up support and  lobbies for a strategically premature legislative elections, international pressure mounts for observation of mediators’ recommendations and rival groups’  resolutions. Andry Rajoelina ultimately faces direct criticism on the part of mediators. Rajoelina himself and his political allies seem to be unprepared for the development of the situation. It now seems obvious that the islander, people of  Madagascar, led by a politically naive Rajoelina,  are all too unaware of the weight of geopolitical interests and global politics.

Confusion among the Population and Worsening Political Impasse

Update: January 18, 2010

Confusion persists in Madagascar as communication regarding the international community position barely transpire in local media, being put in a background note,  with the exception of the Ravalomanana website. Indeed, pressure from the AU and the SADC groups will culminate into a proposal scheduled for January 22nd and that Madagascar will have to decide upon within two weeks. Also, there is a  US threat of sanctions, should unconstitutionality perdure.

Consistent lack of information and political education in Madagascar is at the core of the lingering and worsening of the crisis. Indeed, according to local media reports, Rajoelina unilateral decision of and persistence in imposing legislative polls led to a new coalition of opponent groups led by the ‘fellows of the three former Madagascar leaders. This coalition group  would soon be joined by Rajoelina ex-prime minister Roindefo and has declared being committed to “reconciliation” without Rajoelina.

One Year of Crisis in Madagascar: Rajoelina and Army Supporters still control the Lost Country

Update: January 11, 2010

In Addis Ababa, international mediators recently called for elections in Madagascar to end the escalating political crisis. The meeting was exclusively among international mediators.

By the same token, Rajoelina had been calling for parliamentary elections to be held under his own terms in March of this year.

In the meantime, violence, protests and loss of eminent political figures plague Madagascar: Jacques Sylla, a long-time politician and lawyer, Emile Ramarosaona, an eminent economist and politician, and Cardinal Armand Razafindratandra, the only Cardinal in Madagascar have all died within a two-week period.

Flagrant Violation of Human Rights by Madagascar Transitional Government

In a general context of lack of understanding, futile discussions, and power grabbing, Madagascar lives one more time a flagrant violation of Human Rights by its current leader, Andry Rajoelina, president of the Transitional government or HAT, through the decision of denying entry to Madagascar to Malagasy citizens, and through accusation of high treason.

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