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Maputo III outcome- Two opposing sides: Rajoelina against the three former Presidents?

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Latest Update: December 08, 2009

Maputo III had taken place over the week-end, without Rajoelina who decided to boycott the Africa-based meeting on the basis of sovereignty. Most local media focus on the outcome of the meeting that resulted in specific decisions on seat sharing within the concensual government. However, headlines in Le Courrier de Madagascar and Madagascar Tribune are about the rejection of all that pertains to Maputo III by Rajoelina and his group supporters. Those groups include the KMDT or Comité de défense de la démocratie et de la Transition and the armed forces led by general Bruno Razafindrakoto, Commander in Chief of the  Gendarmerie Nationale, in charge of internal security, and  general  Ndriarijaona André, head of the armed forces. Members of the Maputo III delegation are scheduled to return to Madagascar early this week and the consensual Prime Minister, Managalaza, is to present the results to Rajoelina. Rajoelina had earlier called the propositions led by mediator Chissano  provocative, and the armed forces vowed “”to take their responsilities””. Moreover, Rajoelina has raised a new polemic  about his assasination attempt, insinuating links between the former and Colonel Ratsimandrava’s assasination at the eve of Ratsiraka’s raising to power in 1975. Reuters says that analysts view  Rajoelina as ” looking increasingly isolated and uncooperative”. Foreign aid is still frozen and will be a determining factor for the working class, as viability of businesses is dependent upon foreign investments. Is there any sign that the population is more interested in Rajoelina’s issues versus return to normalcy of life? Media are quasi silent on the subject.

Breaking News: The Mutiny Army Blocks Consensual Transition

November 23, 2009

It is now clear  that too many interested parties keep Madagascar in hostage and the link between some names and groups have been repeated one way or another by local medias. Linkages blocking the consensus seem to transpire as being between Rajoelina , the military, France, and Ratsiraka, according to media reading.  Midi Madagascar and other local media have been reporting on several occasions about a “secret”agreement at Malmaison, France, between Ratsiraka and Rajoelina. As for Rajoelina himself, he openly declares that the HAT government is competent and should be maintained. Frustration is paramount at many levels, including among international mediators who oppose the idea of holding another meeting outside Madagascar.

After The Summit: A Volatile and Fragile Madagascar Persists.

November 11, 2009

There has not been time for celebration nor for reflection in Madagascar as while international media report of the outcome of the Addis Ababa summit, local press is focused on chain reactions caused by the fragile decision.

Indeed, according to a local media the Committee for Democracy and Transition or KMDT, a hybrid group emerging from the Malagasy political crisis, plans on conducting a mass rally by the end of the week in protest of the Addis Abeba agreement. According to the group, the terms of the agreement do not respond to the demands of the mass movement led by Rajoelina and Roindefo. The source says that violence could result from the manifestation, as the city of Antananarivo denied authorization to the group .  

 The newly reached  deal  in Addis Ababa among the four main Malagasy protagonists is aiming at settling the long political crisis in Madagascar,  CNN reports.  The agreement provides for a consensual leadership where Rajoelina is maintained as President of the Transition with two co-presidents, one being from the Ravalomanana mobility, and another one from the Zafy mobility, specify local media.

Interpretations of the agreement differ among Rajoelina and Ravalomanana, Roindefo seems to have settled his disagreement with Rajoelina, but the viability of the agreement remains to be seen. Already, the African Union has called for a rapid implementation of the terms of the agreement. Meanwhile, Rajoelina has just promoted 23 new officers to the grade of general officer.

There seem to exist some procedural flaws in the promoting of the officers, says le Courrier de Madagascar. Accordingly, aimed by Rajoelina at being a reward to his mutiny supporters, the decision has catapulted a higher intensity of malaise within the armed forces.  First, Rajoelina was not officially the head of the Transitional regime when he took the decision. Secund, the promotion made no respect of merit and/or seniority. With a tint of sarcasm, Rajoelina is being depicted as “dancing with the stars” by the same source.

Difficult Cohabitation


Flaws are also observed in several areas. It appears that the triumvirate as Madagascar leadership continues to be subject to variation of interpretation within its own body, as declared by the co-president Fetison Rakoto Andrianirina in a letter adressed to Ravalomanana.

The subject of conflict of  interpretation of the Addis Ababa resolution is not limited to the triumvirate nor their respective supporters. It has also transpired in several occasions  in the local media.

The formation of the new government suffered some delay. According to the Courrier of Madagascar, freemasonry would play its part. Acordingly, Rajoelina is subject to calls from the new prime minister and Roindefo’s two vice prime ministers who allegedly belong to the organization.

In the meantime, all local news report about a detained  leader of the Ravalomanana group, Raharinaivo Andrianantoandro, also a former member of the National Assembly,  who has started a hunger strike Sunday evening in protest of delays in implementing  the terms of the  Addis Ababa consensus. Raharinaivo Andrianatoandro is presently at a major hospital in Antananarivo.

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