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Breaking News: Pr. Raymond Ranjeva Nominated by Ravalomanana

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On the second day of Addis Ababa Summit,  Raymond Ranjeva, an eminent Madagascar jurist and former member of the High International Court of Justice (1991-2009), is nominated by Marc Ravalomanana for heading the Transition for a neutral regime, report Le Courrier of Madagascar and Les Afriques. Cyber Observer adds that Ratsiraka suggests a “collegiate”leadership for the Transition.

Addis-Ababa: The Real Faces of Madagascar Leadership?

October 30, 2009

All parties involved in Madagascar conflict seem to be mobilising their efforts for the Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nov. 3-5. conflict resolution meeting, as reported in both local and international media. Despite preliminary meeting also called “rehearsal” meeting by a Madagascar media, it seems that Madagascar crisis is far from being over.  

What seems to transpire is that the African Union envoy who came to Antananarivo the week prior the summit has rallied all local protagonists as to agree on the October 6 Carlton decision. In practical terms, the said agreement has been implemented in Maputo and has resulted in the attribution of seats to the Rajoelina, Zafy and Ratsiraka groups.

But most importantly, and striking enough, AU special envoy Ablassé Ouedraogo, would have announced in Antananarivo that Rajoelina being the leader of the Transition should not be a matter of discussion in Addis-Ababa, echoe all local press. Reuters confirms that  presidency is not up for discussion in next week talk, and that by the same token, Ravalomanana has reacted to the news by reitering his position against the leadership being handed over to Rajoelina.

The question at this point,  given the length and the multi-fold consequences of the crisis, would be if Madagascar is going to be able to make its own decision about its own leadership. In the meantime, presidential campaigning has started in Madagascar and new mobilities are forming as usual in Madagascar political world.

Maputo Deal: Mission Impossible?

October 17, 2009

Maybe there is no surprise that the Geneva meeting is canceled. Maybe expectations were too high. Diplomacy has its limits. Diplomacy works when dealing with politically-educated parties. Do we deal among such parties in the current situation? Who are the main protagonists? Simply said, attempts are to bring together  Admiral Ratsiraka, Madagascar ruler for 21 years,  Ravalomanana, Madagascar President for 1 and half term, Zafy, Madagascar President for 3 years, and Rajoelina, Madagascar (HAT) leader for seven months.

But it is not as simple as it appears. The deal encompasses geopolitical and personal interests. Geopolitical:  let’s not forget France, the United States, and last but not least the African Community  for its political and economic interests. Personal: The protagonists have opposite personalities and interests. Ratsiraka is known to be a competitively shrewd and domineering personality, Ravalomanana has demonstrated a determined, business guru-winner profile, Zafy has proven to have an unsophisticated and separatist approach, Rajoelina is largely viewed as having an inexperienced and  manipulable background.

Let alone the conflict between Rajoelina and Monja Monja Roindefo, his prime minister, as well as Rajoelina’s disappointed “supporters”. Now, regional interests are also coming into play. Monja Roindefo is the son of Monja Jaona, a politician of Southern origin, well-known for his drastic approach to nationalism. It appears, that he has  definitely been put on the sideline by the HAT.

Local Reactions to the Maputo Deal

Voilà pourquoi l’importance l’importance d’une élection. Voilà pourquoi l’importance d’un véritable parlement représentant la population, voilà pourquoi la nécessité de l’éducation de la population par les média.
Si Madagascar ne peut pas se remettre sur les rails raisonablement, eh bien, la communauté internationale se chargera de ce travail. Il est une véritable honte que Madagascar  Madagascar soit tombée si bas et continue de le faire. Et dire que Madagascar se veut dire différente de l’Afrique en termes de gouvernement. Rien ne l’a prouvé ces derniers mois et ce qui se passe actuellement ne prouve pas le contraire non plus!
Le respect se gagne par les actes et l’attitude, non par la force, les armes ou les chantages.
Il est plus que temps que la population – majorité silencieuse sortie de son silence- exprime clairement son point de vue de manière organisée, intelligente et cohérente pour se faire entendre sur l’échiquier mondial.
Et la population a le droit et le devoir de savoir comment les changements  affectent l’économie du pays. Par ailleurs, quelle est la définition du mot “TRANSITION”? C’est certainement l’opposé de permanent. Alors, parlant de droits acquis s’oppose au mot transitionnel.
Du reste, comment la transition est-elle devenue telle? Madagascar doit d’abord redevenir officiellement un état de droit et  alors, l’on pourra parler de droits. Donc, élections d’abord. Serait-il imaginable que  certains appréhendent les résultats de la future élection et veulent assurer leurs sièges, d’ores et déjà? Comme dirait feu Général Ramanantsoa “Malgaches, mes compatriotes” montrez au monde que vous comptez: non par la violence, non par les mouvements de rue, mais par une expression éduquée. Une nation indépendente ne peut etre dirigée que par des esprits indépendants qui n’ont pas a se soucier de leurs sièges, mais de l’intérêt de la population.
Voilà l’esprit d’un parlement et de toute élection: écouter la voix de la population et faire entendre cette voix à grande échelle sur l’échiquier national et mondial.

(by L’Observateur, Madagascar Tribune)

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