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Chaos and Panic In Madagascar Following Maputo II Deadlock

In Economics, Politics, Society, Timeline on September 1, 2009 at 7:37 am

Headlines In Madagascar reflect fear, confusion, and instability after three days of difficult negotiations between Madagascar four major stakeholders in Maputo that concluded in deadlock.  Meanwhile, the army demonstrates its interests in power controlling . Rajoelina, who was accompanied by a 30-member team, could not decide without consulting his base, reports Madagascar Tribune. A communication deadline has been extended until September 4th.

According to the French daily Le Monde, Joachim Chissano, previous head of state of Mozambique and main moderator, had made it clear that failure to reach agreement by September 4th will  officially result in lack of recognition of Madagascar by the international community. Restoring constitutional state in Madagascar seems to be far from the goal of some stakeholders.

Frustration against international mediators make headlines for Madagascar Tribune. The writer sees through the mediation the international community tendency to legitimizing an unpopular scheme led by prominent figures in Madagascar who are solely motivated by personal ambition and self-interest.

Reuters gives us a clear analysis of the situation wondering to what extent mediators would have the effective power to end the crisis, whereas local press in Madagascar focuses in generalized apprehension. Midi Madagascar reports that Foreign representatives in Madagascar are getting ready for “all eventualities”, anticipating “the worst.” Clearly, Midi Madagascar leaves one to understand that  civil war could be a close reality.

L’Express de Madagascar is more subdued and focuses on the Ravalamonana group willinesss to reach a consensus in an effort to aknowledge  some legitimate  claims of the population. However, the Ravalomanana group  firmly insists that it is determined to  refusing Rajoelina himself the leadership of the transition.

In response, the HAT is organizing a “mock” referendum as to “legitimize” its claim for total control of the transitional government leadership, and in preparation of the September 4th deadline, reports  Midi Madagascar. Meanwhile, the “legalistic” Ravalomanana supporters are rallying in opposition to a Rajoelina-led transitional government, according to the same source.

Sobika reports about the Rajoelina group  preparing itself for international sanctions, a clear indication that the movement seems to be unwilling to give up on the two leading chairs of the transition. The HAT has rounded up a group of economists to brainstorm on alternative solutions to foreign aid, according to local sources.

The latest is the news about the now usual military ouburts, as reported by the daily Midi Madagascar. General Rasolomahandry Edmond, who was a member of the Ravalomanana team in Maputo II,  fell short being arrested by the  Intervention Special Forces (FIS) for having publicly denounced the “political stand” of the army, writes the paper. The FIS, which was led by major Charles Andrianasoavina at the Ivato airport failed his planned arrest. According to  the same source, the general was apparently informed of his eventual arrest before boarding in Maputo, and did not return to Madagascar. Madagascar Tribune reports that, one more time, the FIS did burst at the Ivato airport while searching for Manandafy, Ravalomanana choice of PM, upon his return from the negotiaiton talks. Manadafy was wanted  for “insult” to the military in Maputo. Manandafy was only released from detention in compliance to Maputo round I deal. The FIS proceeded in leaving Manandafy free after causing chaos at the airport.

Social disarray, economic panic, military chaos, lack of general safety and public security, all lead to conclude that the present situation in Madagascar cannot perdure.


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