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Madagascar Held Hostage by its self-proclaimed leaders

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A few weeks ago, in an interview with the French daily Le Monde, the administration’s declared opponent, ex mayor Andry Rajoelina, has depicted then President-elected Ravalomanana as dictator and assassin, and accused him of misspending public funds and starving the population.

Today, as leader of the High Authority of the Transition (HAT), Andry Rajoelina is multiplying his orders to violently repress any expression of opinion on the part of the population, dissidents, media and bloggers alike, according to several sources.

His militaries have been eye-witnessed chasing protesters throughout neighborhoods, throwing tear gas to hospital grounds, storming into people’s homes to seek for protesters, and gun pointing at people in those homes, according to live reports from Radio Fahazavana the day before it was shut down by the regime. 

Rajoelina regime accuses the victims of killing each other to discredit the HAT, say local daily papers. In parallel, there are allegations  of militaries searching for bodies in hospitals and in clash areas, reported by some local medias. 

On the one hand, the government is on the verge of bankcrupcy. On the other hand, there are allegations of diverted and seized staple goods from the toppled President businesses by militaries, to be sold at reduced price to the population. By the same token the TIKO group, Ravalomanana business, is summoned to reimburse some alleged hundred of millions of unpaid taxes to the State. This was making headlines in local papers the last couple of days.

The latest happenings are high profile arrests made of the security officer of the High Constitutional Court and of the local leaders of the opposition, making now local headlines and echoed by international media. Pictures published by the Cyber Observer transpire one more time the same violence seen during the announcement of Ravalomanana handing over powers to a military directorate, a month ago.

It is clear that there is no arena left for expression of opposition. Tension continues to escalate in Madagascar. 

With the HAT multiplying its diplomatic efforts internationally while taking increasingly drastic measures against the opposition, one wonders what tomorrow would bring.

Antananarivo survives in fear, Madagascar is held hostage in the midst of daily terrorism and political instability, unable to voice its opinion, to live freely, to conduct business,  and let alone to chose its leaders.

From View to Vision

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Protesters against the HAT in Antananarivo have reacted with raging violence to  a two-hour shooting rampage and pursuit throughout neigborhing parts of town that has caused several fatal casualties and critically-wounded, including passerby children. There are calls for men in uniform to join the rank of protesters. Madagascar is held hostage by the HAT – High Authority of Transition – reports one local newspaper and needs stronger international intervention.

Testimonies – Témoignages

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April 23, 2009 : “les militaires tirent sur des civils, le Gt HAT emp^che les meeting et ils poursuivent les gens 7:55 AM
9 tués par balle dont deux jeunes écolières de moins de 12 ans. C’est le bilan provisoire des tirs sans sommation de l’Emonat du coté d’Ambohijatovo.       Le riposte de la population tananarivienne ne s’est pas fait attendre: d’anosibe à ambanidia…des voitures de la HAT ont été incendié…Des membres de l’émonat ont pris la fuite….Aucune voiture de la HAT n’est plus autoriser à circuler à Tana ville sous peine de subir la justice populaire…  Demain, les anti-puchistes se donnent rendez-vous à Ambohijatovo…Appel a été lancé à tout militaire, gendarme et policier de ne plus etre en tenue dans la rue ” – Victoire
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